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Barbie Explorer
Developer: Runecraft
Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games
Platform: PC, PlayStation
Release date: September 4, 2001
Genre: Action

Free Download Game Barbie Explorer
And all these adventures will demand from the young beauty of considerable physical efforts. To avoid all traps and to overcome all obstacles, it should run, jump, swarm up rocks and walls, to carry out different acrobatic tricks. Well, if you aren't afraid of dangers, such adventures will be to the taste to you and your children. Dare!
Game literally guards at once, therefore as meets us the pink screen and forces to prepare for the forthcoming action focused on girls from Barbie that is regarded as a certain form of absurd art morally. Not the destiny to us to understand a thin soul of a fine half of mankind! But, already after a while, you understand that though the product and was created by fans Barbie for fans Barbie, it has captured not only female audience, but also a slice of those whom this female audience considers as dirty, lewd and extremely insensible animals, i.e. us, unfortunate men.
The plot of this game creation is stated in the simple and clear form of a videoclip that any player respecting hasn't left with impunity from this genius. Barbie during free time from Ken extracts treasures in the hard-to-reach spots then carries to their doctor in a museum, and writes about the adventures of article to the newspaper. We will not be set by questions of plagiarism and silently we will agree with that fact that work of the journalist for the girl is extremely romantic and allows to put on an aura such "the business girl" that is fashionably terrible. The doctor gives out Barbie the task: to find four elements of the broken magic mirror which, being are gathered, will open a source of abnormal energy of inexpressible capacity. These extremely immoral elements to spite of Barbie are scattered on the hard-to-reach spots and is indifferent wait, while Barbie will be declared and will gather them. Here such here simple history.
Barbie goes to a way, and after it and we, dangling in the form of the chamber hardly above that place, to which Barbies has got used to sit. Also that at once you notice even an unarmed sight, so it that Barbie is suspiciously similar to something an average between Indiana Johns and Laroj Kroft. At the first it has borrowed a hat therefore as from old man Johns at present and there is nothing to take more, and here from Lary, a recognized ideal of the virtual woman, it has borrowed forms. I hasten quickly you that it only the form of clothes and the plait form. Acquaintances to a pain shorts, force to rummage eyes in those memorable places to which true fire friends earlier fastened, and a gold braid which is beaten out from under a hat, the kind casts thoughts that hair of the brunette hung somehow else.
In a word, Barbie Explorer - quite good enough gymnastics for fingers. Infinite jumps and peaceful collecting of bonuses weakens, and changing locations unlike against each other don't allow to process to roll down on a bottom of absolute stagnation. The fact that game can be pleasant not only to little girls - pleases. The fact that game about Barbie - for everyone will mean the.

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Free Download Game Barbie Explorer

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